Ebony Willis

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With six years of producing and mixing experience already under her belt, there’s no wonder Ebony Willis has been previously described as a prodigy. Since a young age, she has seized every opportunity to create and share her work around the globe, with her tracks released on renowned labels such as Recovery Collective, Hungry Koala and DC10.

Ebony has spent years meticulously developing her craft and fine tuning her trademark deep & driving sound- the right blend of epic, energetic, subtle and soul-touching. Ebony has played at a number of Melbourne institutions, such as Revolver Upstairs, Circus, Pawn & Co, OneSixOne as well as interstate in Sydney and Brisbane. She also holds a residency at Sooki Saturdays in Belgrave, where she has been providing home grown dance floor magic since early last year.

With all this & much more at just 19 years old, Ebony Willis is only just getting started. Keep your ears, eyes and hearts peeled for what magic will unfold next.