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From a fresh wave of House artists in Sydney this year, one character stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

“I want to live and breathe the old school ‘DJ’ mentality, I want to help maintain our late night entertainment options and I want to show you how you can blend in with it seamlessly. I want to perfect my craft patiently from the industries’ best. I want to combine all of those ‘old school mentalities’  with the tools that we have to use in the new school environment of today.”

LUDOVIC [real name: Käos Ludović] one versatile machine. He shows off this key qualities throughout his sets across the australian music scene. His range is eclectic, and his music effortlessly thrown together. At the end of the day, through all the sub genre’s and styles out there in today’s environment, LUDOVIC plays HOUSE music. In all of it’s glory, and all of it’s forms, whilst remaining engaged with the younger and fresher crowd of Sydney.

“I am all about building trust with the dance floor. I want them engaged by guiding them through familiar territory at the start of the set. Then once we have a good relationship, they will allow me to push the limits artistically. Sometimes ill go too left field, but thats all in the fun of it. I know when to pull back. It’s all a work in progress, but when is “art” perfect. I find the attraction in the imperfection with the delivery of music. I now am putting this perspective into my own original productions.”

Spending mammoths amount of time pondering about how to approach the craft and art of DJing with long time friend Walker [QLD/Elsewhere/Buxton Records], the two have forged a bond and mutual respect.

"Käos is a true House music aficionado. His journey has been exciting to watch and I am thrilled to be apart of it. I can honestly say that the original music coming from him over the next 3 years is going to be fresh, dark and personal. I love to work with him on his productions, to take him further away from what he thinks we want him to create, more to the personal and deep music that we all know he is capable of. Spend a night with Käos and you'll understand what I am talking about." Says Walker.

In a club environment where everyone wants their 60 minutes of fame, LUDOVIC takes pride in the versatility. He can be told to jump on at any stage of the night and no doubt satisfy a whole dance floor which speaks a lot about the respect that he has for his craft.