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Mittens is the stage name for, Miers Kanini-Parsons, a music producer and DJ originally hailing from South London, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Miers first practiced as a heavy metal drummer before beginning his journey in electronic music production in 2014. This affinity for darker sounds has carried through to his current techno production, integrating urban and industrial sounds with heavy kicks to explore the darker elements of the human experience.

Mittens has released original tracks and remixes on numerous international labels including OFF recordings, Voltage, Reload Records, Bubblejam, Oscuro Music, Nightshift Records and Evolvement Recordings. With future releases with on the horizon. As a part of the Pelican Villa crew, Mittens also delivers high energy techno sets that explore deep, industrial themes while also maintaining positive vibrations on the dancefloor. He has played premier underground clubs around Melbourne, such as My Aeon and Revolver, and has also played at Maitreya Festival, Burning Seed and Babylon Festival.